Wow yourselves with these ankara styles!

Wow yourselves with these ankara styles!

Ankara designs and fabrics may not necessarily be native to Nigeria seeing as there are international brands like VLISCO e.t.c, but we definitely do have wonderful designs and also outstanding styles. Anyway, this post is about a Nigerian designer Taiwo Adebesin in faraway Poland who is doing great with our African ankara prints. He is gradually creating a niche for himself over there and here are pictures of some of his works. More are available on or via his facebook profile at Taiwo Adebesin. Do enjoy continue to scroll down and enjoy….


You can rock these beautiful styles and even throw in a denim jacket



You can sew it into a really nice skirt to go with any top



Just one of the really nice fabrics



How do you want it, Flare skirt of Pencil skirt? It looks beautiful and great either way!



Don’t know what style to go with? Just rock it anyway you choose, gown or skirt.



Just incase you have been wondering where ‘our’ own models are 🙂





I say a big kudos to Taiwo Adebesin for his creativity and what really caught my fancy was the way the models rocked and looked fantastic in the designs and fabrics. Need i tell you more that you can of course get nice and great fabrics here in Nigeria, don’t stress yourself further just click on the links below and you are sure to be hooked up with affordable and authentic materials. If you can’t find what you are looking for or something you like, do get in touch and will definitely hook you up.

Ankara Fabrics

Ankara Fabrics

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