whatsapp not working on bb10? here’s the solution

whatsapp not working on bb10? here’s the solution

If you have been having issues with your whatsapp not working on bb10 or similar platforms, and you are getting worked up about the situation and also wondering why the service was cut short abruptly despite the announcement that the purported shutdown date was extended till June 30 later on this year, well there’s good news for you so you can now relax, calm your nerves and read on.

So a friend came running to me saying her whatsapp no longer works on her blackberry Q10 Phone and i was surprised because i know i made a post about it not being shutdown till 30th june and here’s the link to that post. So the first thing i did was try to access the Blackberry world which refused to open up and kept shutting down while giving me some error. Well i decided to be calm so as to let her mind be at rest and then i discovered that her OS (Operating system) has a pending update and i quickly updated it and soon discovered it was the reason the blackberry world kept refusing me access.

The last step was to now go into the blackberry world after the OS was successfully updated which made me to have access into it this time around. I then simply searched for the whatsapp application and updated the existing app, then voila! it worked and then i became a genius of some sorts suddenly, lol. Anyone tells you whatsapp not working on bb10 anymore, smile and kindly share this post with them.

whatsapp not working on bb10

Anyway the essence of the whole story of this post is to let you know that if you are still using the devices and operating systems listed to be discontinued from the whatsapp instant messaging application service, and you suddenly got the message ‘unfortunately, Whatsapp no longer supports this phone. Please switch to a supported phone.’ You need not fret as the solution is quite simple and i have tried it just using the steps below.:


  1. Check to see that your phone is running the latest version that is available from BlackBerry World
    If the operating system needs an update, get it done
  2. Search for the whatsapp application and click on update
  3. Once the update completes, you are good to go.


If the above steps don’t correct the problem, just uninstall and reinstall the application and the issue will be solved that way too.

You see it’s just as simple as that! No need for anyone to try to rip your money out of your pockets, this isn’t rocket science but just a straightforward hack.

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