Undo sent email in Gmail in 5 easy steps

Undo sent email in Gmail in 5 easy steps
[How to] You just sent an email and realised you omitted something or the email probably contains something you would have preferred not to say? Well, you can decide not to allow it happen anymore now since you can now literally “unsend” emails or undo sent email using Gmail

You’ll be taken through the simple process in about 5 simple steps.


How to undo sent email:

You should be signed into your Gmail account by now but if not, you should do that right now so you can practice the steps.
Click on settings, (It shouldn’t be hard to find)

Next, follow the steps as outlined here in the screenshots below so as to be able to undo sent email:

undo sent email


Next, click on the cancellation period and change to 30 seconds (that’s the highest available now anyway). What this time set means is that you’ll be able to undo the message sent within 30 seconds and nothing more.

undo sent email


Then you scroll all the way down to the end of the page and save your new settings.

undo sent email


Compose a new message to be sent out as a test and send it. You’ll get a result as shown below and you can click on undo to undo the email you just sent and also make necessary corrections or additions to it. There you have it! You can now undo sent email in gmail….

undo sent email


I hope this will be really helpful and you’ll find it handy. As you know, sharing is caring and you never know who might just need this little life-saving info. Kindly use the share buttons below.

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