Twitter for business? 3 benefits to note

Twitter for business? 3 benefits to note

Twitter is a valuable tool for accelerating business, pushing brands and all. I know using twitter for business isn’t new to you and you probably must have read a whole lot of posts about how twitter is a very effective social media platform or why it’s awesome for your business. Leveraging the twitter platform for your business or personal brand is something to be taken quite seriously. The question running through your mind now is “WHY WOULD THIS POST BE ANY DIFFERENT” than most of the ‘loaded’ posts out there with almost nothing of value to hold onto. Well, just sit back relax and read on.


Why twitter or even any social media platform isn’t working out for you is because you just don’t understand how to take due advantage. Hence, why you’ll see a business owner just sending out a few tweets a day and then waiting
for clients to come rushing all the way to their DMs, please keep on dreaming. The same is the case with product sellers just going on Facebook and Instagram and posting their products some even go the extra length to tag hundreds of people, and they still manage to get very low engagements and no sales from such posts. Well, this post is about twitter; how to make the best of it, how it can help project your brand better and move your business forward.


First things first! You need to understand and realize that Social media is a where people come to “socialize”. Yes, products/services are sold out here too and so many other things but the primary reason people come on here is to socialize so you have to give them something to relate to in accordance to your brand, something to make them relate to your business in the value you have to offer! Okay, let’s get right in.


twitter for business




Benefits to note in using Twitter for business


1. Connecting with your audience, thereby building the know/like/trust factor:


People buy from who they know, like and trust. If you don’t know this, you are probably new to the online game and
seriously that is very okay and not a problem at all, we are all still learning. Well, on twitter the good news with twitter marketing is, you can add that personal touch that really builds that trust with your audience—no matter how big or small your business is. Relating with people one on one has never been so easier.

I have personally engaged with companies and big brand names on twitter and received answers to my queries way faster than I ever thought. Why is this so? They have an image to protect which can be easily soiled or damaged on social media.Building relationships on Twitter can have tremendous value for your business. Thus, it’ll be safe to say it is very easy to do damage control for your business using twitter.

2. Driving website clicks and/or conversions:


With well-written contents, relevant retweets, and conversations with customers and the media, you can drive a
significant amount of targeted traffic to your website. In fact, 47% of users who follow a business are more likely to
visit the company’s website. If you didn’t know this before, you do now! put it to use.


3. Getting more exposure for your brand:


If you’re looking for a way to move to the next level, then twitter for business is the way to go. It can increase your brand’s exposure, and that exposure can drive sales and even more client satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, you can’t go wrong with Twitter. It can X3 your brand’s exposure, and that exposure can drive super results for your business.

Twitter offers a whole new level of customer service – and a great way to keep customers glued to you and even keep
coming back.

The list isn’t exhaustive nor endless, so you can be sure the benefits stated here in this post for you to consider using twitter for business is just scratching the surface. With the right tools and a good mindset, twitter is a great platform to use.

Watch out and stay tuned for the more tips and useful tools to help in making your twitter experience awesome. In the next post, I’ll also be sharing how I was able to go from just about 550 followers to well over 3000 followers and amongst these are even authorities in different niches and verified twitter account owners. Don’t miss it! If there anything you will like to add to this post or would like to know, kindly use the comment box below and please do share this post using the options provided so others can benefit too.

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