Samsung Electronics US President and COO issues apology and addresses Note7 Voluntary Recall

Samsung Electronics US President and COO issues apology and addresses Note7 Voluntary Recall

It is no more news that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been recalled in virtually all parts of the world as On September 2, Samsung did announce an official Galaxy Note7 replacement programme due to a rare battery cell manufacturing error, which had led to a few reported incidents. There was even a recent report that passengers with the Galaxy Note7 were not allowed to go on board airplanes with the phones. It was in view of this that Sam Adurogboye, NCAA’s general manager, public relations on September 20 gave a directive that passengers not to turn on or charge the device while aboard any plane.  Therefore if yours hasn’t encountered any problem such as the battery exploding, be sure to take this advice now and go get an exchange.

In our part of the world (Nigeria), It’s not sure how the exchange or replacement can be done especially as Samsung confirmed through the COO and their American president Tim Baxter that new Note7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21, 2016. This means that the replacements have started and i know we in Nigeria don’t like to ‘carry last’. This post is to help you know how to get a replacement over here in Nigeria.




Samsung has been quoted thus “Since customers’ safety is our top priority, all Galaxy Note7 purchased are eligible for replacement despite the original place of purchase,” the statement read.

Current users of Galaxy Note7  here in Nigeria are however advised to visit the nearest Samsung authorized service centre for immediate assistance about replacement programme as new Galaxy Note7 devices will be available for exchange at retail locations nationwide soon.

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