How to verify your vehicle number plate

How to verify your vehicle number plate

Knowing fully well how vulnerable many of us in Nigeria can be and the ever increasing trend of culprits trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people, we have decided to bring you this post so you won’t be taken advantage of when in issues relating to your vehicle number plate.

A survey has revealed that out of every 10 cars on the road especially those with Lagos and Abuja number
plates, at least 4 are not genuine. Therefore vehicle number plate verification is very necessary and will place you ahead of any unseen circumstance. The good news is that it can now be done on a portal right here online due to the fact that it has been discovered that some unscrupulous elements are producing fake and duplicate number plates and selling to innocent Nigerians even at the same rate genuine ones are purchased. Wouldn’t you rather avoid the hassles of vehicle inspection officers (VIO) and even officers of the federal road safety corp? You will agree with me that it pays to know your fate ahead of


Well no need for any more epistles on this as there are now 2 proven ways you can verify the
authenticity and validity of your number plate. (1) Online (2) Via SMS.


Log on to
Click on ‘Verify Number Plate’ at the top right hand corner of the home page OR just click here
Input your ‘New Number Plate’ registration number in the space provided
Click on ‘Verify’ button.

Send the Number Plate in The following format ‘verifyplateno the number plate’ to 33324. For example
‘verifyplateno ABC123AA’ to 33324

Please note that you would be charged for this sms.



If your vehicle number plate valid and genuinely registered with your vehicle, then you’ll get a result with a
message like this.. ‘Number plate is valid and assigned to Corolla’. If your vehicle is a Corolla then
you have mind should be at rest. However, if the response message you get is ‘Number plate is valid but
yet to be assigned to any vehicle’, then it’s either you have not completed the registration or you most
likely have a vehicle number plate that isn’t registered in their system at all, so get back to the office or
‘whoever’ handled the registration for you.
Note: The number plate verification is only applicable to new number plates with this format ABC123AB not the old system of number plates with this format AB123 ABC.

For further enquiries, visit the FRSC Desk Officers at the SBIRs. You can also contact the following officials:
CC Imoh Etuk on 08077690055
CC Bisi Kazeem on 08056294003
DRC Michael Odiaka on 08155458071

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