Online marketing with facebook messenger chatBOT

Online marketing with facebook messenger chatBOT

Facebook now has over 1.23 billion daily active users (1.15 billion on mobile alone) and 1.86 billion monthly active users and still growing, here are the stats. This is definitely not news anymore. Anyway, Wouldn’t you want a system that can turn shoppers(page likers/fans)on such a platform into buyers? There are different types of tools used over time, either effective or not. However, facebook messenger chatBOT is a tool that is now taking the centre stage in the world of marketing and it’s awesomeness and effectiveness is better experienced.


What is a chatBOT?


Simply put, a chatbot is a service which is powered by rules and, more and more often, artificial intelligence. You interact with it by using a chat interface, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram or WeChat. In this case, we will be focusing on Facebook messenger chatBOT as a case study.

Very many facebook users no longer interact with their friends or colleagues across timelines, instead, they use the Messenger app/feature more. This is why the Facebook chatBOT messenger gives an extremely high open and click through rate (CTR).


Facebook being a platform that consistently adapts to the market creates new and updated ways to engage with present clients and potential ones. Being a business owner, you need to take full advantage of this opportunity to capitalise on such a large targeted audience where you can easily be able to showcase your products/services right in their very faces.

Of what use is it having 500, 2000 plus of fans if you can’t pitch your products and services directly to them? Do I need to quickly let you know here that it’s only about 10% of your audience that gets to see the content you put out on your facebook page? What an algorithm right? well, don’t start blaming Mark Zuckerberg yet he has shareholders to pay and he also has to make money equally. This is the reason facebook suggests that you boost your post most times when you put some content out but then even with boosting your post which happens through facebook ads, your money can easily go down the drain and you’ll end up not getting value for it. Hence, it’ll be of note here to know that facebook ads also needs expertise and deep knowledge.

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Facebook messenger chatBOT offers awesome advantages which include:


– Building brand loyalty
– Low-cost marketing strategy
– Ability to talk to existing and potential customers
– Targeted advertising
– Offer deals through Facebook places
– Instant personal one on one engagement with prospects, fans and clients; Broadcast Personalised messages to the entire connection audience Of Your Fb Pages Right Inside Their Fb Messenger To Engage With Them Personally in 1 Click with near 100% Open rate guaranteed
– Build Unlimited Fb Messenger Subscribers List For Each Fb Page you have or manage & Broadcast Unlimited Messages To Unlimited Subscribers For FREE
– It Leverages Fb Messenger to Increase Trust, Drive 10X Free Traffic & Maximise Sales In Business

Facebook messenger chatbot
So chances are, you have a facebook page for your business already OR you’re just about to set it up. It works well either way. I’ll personally walk hand in hand with you and for those that might need a social media manager for their platforms, let me know in camera anything you’ll like me to help with 🙂

Just in case you don’t know or haven’t heard, you can now run facebook ads directly to facebook messenger and in this case, if you have a chatBOT implemented already, then you are on your way to awesomeness already. You can easily turn shoppers into instant buyers just by implementing and learning the ropes of this simple tool.

What other reasons are there to consider using a chatBOT and why do you need a chatBOT?


Well, Facebook messages have near 100% inboxing rate which is about 3X the open rate of regular emails. Therefore, you’ll have a direct line of communication which will forever be open.
It improves customers trust as it creates a personal connection, this is how it builds loyalty for your brand. It also increases the chances of getting more of your facebook posts seen in the newsfeed since your facebook page responsiveness score would have “skyrocketed”. See, the benefits are endless and it’s just like email marketing only that this works with facebook messenger directly and with a very high population of the world being on facebook daily and always paying attention to their messenger, there us no telling what can be achieved by this.


If you setup your Facebook messenger chatBOT intelligently using the AI(Artificial intelligence), when specific questions are asked that have certain keywords in them, customers get their questions answered immediately without waiting endlessly and probably taking their money somewhere else. People tend to be blown away when they receive unexpected personal response. With the above details outlined, isn’t it evident sales will keep being secured?
Do you know the best part of this? You, yes You never have to worry about converting prospects into customers/clients again because the sales will definitely start rolling and coming in and if you’ve been into email marketing, a trial on this and you’ll start thinking of how to dump your email auto-responders.


The targeted advertising makes it possible for you to be able to message your fans/page “likers” directly and pitching your products to them while providing value consistently, then a high conversion is achieved already! Trust me, you’ll thank me soon for this. I’ll need your review anyway in order to bolster my ego and make me feel fulfilled of course, lol. So make sure to get in touch and use the comment box to let me know your thoughts and also any enquiries you may have. Get your Facebook messenger chatBOT now!

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