How to Leave a clickable link in blog comments

How to Leave a clickable link in blog comments

Leaving comments on posts helps one appreciate the poster, especially when the post really added value to you and did answer the questions raging in your mind and which you’ve been desperately searching answers for. Well, leaving comments on blog posts with reference or clickable link to your own website or blog is definitely something noteworthy, which if done well and in not a so annoying way, will yield good results for your search engine optimisation (SEO) and helps in driving good organic traffic back to your blog.
Before I go on with this post, I’ll need you to promise me you won’t use this in a negative manner and go all around peoples posts and spamming the comments by leaving clickable link in an effort to get traffic to your blog. WARNING! It could hurt your SEO and ranking and then could also get you in problems with GOOGLE.
You’ll find out that it’s impossible to hyperlink your texts or use an anchor text as you and I know how writing without it being clickable will be like or even how it looks. To make it sensible, you need to highlight it and sort of make it stand out from the remaining texts so it’ll be easy for anyone to visit right? So how do you create a clicky link? you don’t need to be a programmer or have in-depth HTML skills as all you need is a simple bit of code which is written out below:

<a href=””>Home</a>

All you have to do is edit the link in the quotation marks to the website or blog you wish to link it to. Then change “Home” text to whatever text you’ll like it to display as the link. Here is a quick example to help you understand better.

<a href=””>Check me out</a>  It’ll come out this way Check me out


Do it exactly as above and watch how your comment comes out, then you can smile 🙂 Believing that this has been very helpful to you, could you kindly help get this post out by sharing across the media channels you like and let’s help someone from being frustrated together.

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