Konga black friday 2016 Yakata sales

Konga black friday 2016 Yakata sales

At this time of the year and with the number of people surfing the internet daily in Nigeria and everyone struggling to be aware of what’s going on within the e-commerce industry even at this ‘period’ we are in, Konga black friday 2016 Yakata will definitely not be a strange things to many of us. Thus we have decided to bring you this article, albeit late, we still hope you will find some useful information herein and make the best use of this opportunity.


The Konga Black Friday 2016 promotion, AKA Konga Yakata 2016 , an online campaign here in Nigeria in which there will be massive discount on different products in Nigeria.The Konga Fall Yakata sale, which offers some of the best Black Friday Deals in Nigeria started on Monday November 14th and will be coming to an end on Friday November 18th. The friday will be the major highlight of the campaign and will be starting from 12.00 AM so you better be alert and make sure you don’t miss it for anything.


Follow this link black friday deals to view the available offers. This ‘Yakata’, which is Konga’s version of Black Friday will feature deals across all categories ranging from phones and tablets from top brands, electronics such as audio systems, televisions, home theatres, DVD players, camera and other electronics bundles. You don’t want to miss out of the ridiculous lowest prices on games and consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games. Get the best deal on home and kitchen items like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners and other kitchen bundles. So all we have to say is STAY ALERT!

konga black friday 2016

It will be worthy of note to know that the Yakata sales campaign continues till Monday, 21st of November so if you miss out on this friday which happens to be the grand finale of the black friday, you don’t have to sulk too much, just keep your eyes on us here as we update you with the deals to come and i am sure you’ll have something come your way.


Just before we sign off, we want to let you know that Konga offers free nationwide shipping for all orders of 5,000Naira or more. Hurry, because these offers are valid while stock lasts. Some products have already sold out of course take a look here Konga. For a faster way to shop, view and follow up on your most wanted deals, you can also download the konga app and be sure to checkout using Kongapay. Come back here and thank us later!

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