Jumia black friday 2016 is here!!! Up to 96% off

Jumia black friday 2016 is here!!! Up to 96% off

Here’s an update on Jumia black friday 2016 as promised… You can view the deals for each day here Jumia black friday deals  and also get to know ahead which category of items will be focused on each day and at what rate will be discounts be too.



Black Friday is fast approaching! You don’t need anyone to tell you how the jostle to get the best deals will be. Firstly, what is black friday, what does it mean and why is so much relevance attached to it? According to wiki, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since 1932, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S., and most major retailers open very early (and more recently during overnight hours) and offer promotional sales. Having said that, it’s no news that it originated from the United states and is very synonymous with the Thanksgiving holiday as well.


However, Jumia Black Friday 2016 is not for everybody, but if you’re tight on budget and looking to change your smartphone or get a new device for a loved one at a bargain price, it’s definitely for you. The first jumia black friday sales commenced online in 2013, the website crashed as the amount of traffic it received was too much for it to handle even just in the first hour and thus it wasn’t really a successful campaign.  Thus they have decided to bring a little twist to this years event which will feature exclusive shopping offers, voucher giveaways and on-time package deliveries too. Anyway, below are some quick points to note so as not to miss out and be able to get the most of the campaign this year.  Put your mind at rest as this years jumia black friday 2016 holds enough prospects and we believe you’ll be wowed!

Jumia black friday 2016



It is in view of this, that we are bringing you the early notice of the jumia black Friday 2016 so you can start getting prepared and also be updated on the juicy and mouth watering deals that cannot be gotten anywhere else in the market, offline and online from November 14th to November 25th. You shouldn’t even be told that there will be daily flash sales and aggressive offers, The highlight of the campaign this time around will be mainly flash sales (please do note, that they don’t last the whole day! but have specific times for each items or categories. The flash sales (which will be featuring 50% – 90% off sales), featured products would be made known to you before the sale kicks off when the whole campaign will be starting from the 14th of November. Before you run off with excitement, chill, wait and listen …. Note that NOT ALL products will be featured in the flash sales, but there will be little discounts on most products cutting across major categories such as fashion items, electronics, phones, household items e.t.c. So you will need to be sure to know the timing of the flash sales you are interested in. Upon checking out, you will need to provide a coupon code for the discount to be applied to your cart. To get these codes you need to be alert and follow Jumia’s social media pages or be sure delete emails sent to you from jumia in this period as you will be receiving the Jumia black Friday 2016 latest deals via email. The codes will normally be released about an hour before the flash sale begins.

It would be rounded off with the grand event on the 25th of November for which you would have and need to:

Set your alarm to 11:40 and make sure you are really awake
Have a cup of coffee in your hand or simply sprinkle water on your face well enough.. hehe
Check that your internet is faster than your neighbors own
Open or click https://www.jumia.com.ng
Have one finger on the F5 button to refresh your webpage.
Download the jumia app (available on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows) It can be faster and easier.



Make sure you have a Jumia account already and have properly filled in the necessary details. (Shipping address e.t.c).
Be sure you are logged in to https://www.jumia.com.ng before the flash sale kicks off.
Don’t try to add two flash sale products to your cart at the same time.
Be sure your internet connect won’t break your heart.
In order not to waste your time, avoid trying to buy two (or more) products at the same time. It simply won’t work. You are restricted to just one product during the flash sales.


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