Consistent Ways To Know If You Are Truly a Good Person

Consistent Ways To Know If You Are Truly a Good Person

Do you sometimes ask yourself if you’re actually a good person in reality? Recent research carried out by psychologists suggests that it’s the environment we find ourselves that sometimes gets in the way of our true self. For example, “Someone who was abused may develop a protective part that preemptively hurts others to protect the self.” In her practice, she doesn’t focus on terms like “good” or “bad”, instead shifting the focus to “encourage the [compassionate and curious] ‘self’ to feel safe enough to come out.”

A counsellor pin-points to the fact that our “social media-centered culture” encourages us to act in ‘good’ ways in order to receive positive reinforcement from others rather than acting altruistically for a true intrinsic reward.” Which is why the only person who can decide whether you are a good person is yourself.

These few questions will help determine who you actually are, either a good person or not according to Meredith Strauss, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist:

  • Do I have compassion for others?
  • How charitable am I?
  • Do I extend myself to loved ones in times of need and genuinely want to help? Or do I just do it to be politically correct?
  • What would my friends or family say about me if they were asked this question?
  • Do you put material possessions before people?
  • What do you believe your contribution is to this world while you’re here?

No matter where you are in your life, you can make the choice to change. Here are 8 easy traits a truly good person possesses:

  1.  They are undeniably polite.

Good people are really polite. They show respect and mind their manners. It’s not to be a show-off or to seem better; they just truly respect individuals and want to treat them how they want to be treated. You don’t have to be formal or walk on eggshells to be polite. It’s more a function of ensuring you act in a way that is fitting for your present location.

  1.  They are honest in relationships.

Truly good people are as much as possible honest in their relationship and put in efforts to move it forward. Good people don’t also get too busy to call or check up on parents, family or relatives.

  1.  They are empathic and think of others.

It’s easy to be selfish and do what’s best for yourself. Yet, truly good people consider others in their decisions. They understand that what’s good for them may not always be the best for others. They don’t have to cater exclusively to others; rather, they understand and take into consideration how their actions will affect others and are comfortable with the decision to move forward.

  1.  They are kind to everyone.

A good person doesn’t have to like everyone, but they are at least kind. They look at people for the person they can be and can look past the present to see the person’s positives.

  1.  They are generous to those around them.

While you don’t physically have to give the shirt off your back, a truly good person is always willing to be generous. A good person understands that the things we collect and the money we accumulate are not worth anything without people to share it with. You don’t have to be a bleeding heart, giving away your life fortune; rather, be open and generous to those less fortunate in a time of need.

  1.  They are consistent.

A first impression is a lasting impression. By being consistent in what they do, a truly good person will ensure they always put their best foot forward and treat every person and situation the same.

Being a good person isn’t hard, but it does takes a consistent approach. By using the traits above, you too can be a truly good person.

  1.  They go the extra mile.

A truly good person makes sure the task gets done and always goes the extra mile. Whether it’s staying to help clean up after an event or spending their own time ensuring things get done properly, a good person understands the importance of finishing what they start.

  1.  They smile.

A smile can light up a room, and truly good people smile often—not just when things are going well.


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