Checking cac Business name availability

Checking cac Business name availability

Have you been having problems with CAC business name availability, lawyers or ‘agents’ giving you a hard time and prolonging your business name registration unnecessarily? then your rescue is here as Corporate affairs commission (CAC) Nigeria as integrated a public search form into its online portal so as to enable anyone to search CAC records for registered incorporated trustees, company or business names and those undergoing business registration.

                                      How To:

So now it’s easy and pretty straight forward to find a business name for yourself that isn’t registered yet and save yourself unnecessary trips to CAC offices and time wasting over and over again as you can now check a CAC business name availability online which will ease and take off loads of stress from you. Here is how to go about it if you wish to register your company or business name with CAC Nigeria, you can also use the CAC public name search portal to check if your proposed business name has been registered by someone else or not.



                                         The Process

When you type in a registered company name in the provided online search form, the search result will display the company details and other companies whose name are alike. Theses details consist of the registration number, the company name, company address and date of incorporation (registration).

If there is no registered business name in the CAC database that contains your search term, the form will return a blank result.

If your proposed business or company name has not been registered, you can proceed to submit it for reservation at the CAC online website or go to their nearest office close to you and start the processing.

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