Blackberry whatsapp shutdown extended till june 30 2017

Blackberry whatsapp shutdown extended till june 30 2017

I could remember vividly when whatsapp announced they would no longer be supporting BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 handsets by the end of 2016, the blackberry whatsapp shutdown news did break the hearts of lots of blackberry lovers and had mixed reactions from tech lovers. However, this is some good news as it seems there has been a little change of heart. As noted in their FAQ section and through a new app update available on BlackBerry 10, WhatsApp has quietly let users know the support will be extended until June 30, 2017.


blackberry whatsapp shutdown


There is no doubt this will definitely make some people happy since their whatsapp application isn’t just going to shutdown in their face without enough time or adequate and ample opportunity to either get deal with the situation by getting another phone which isn’t on the blackberry platform or making up their minds about letting whatsapp go. The latter is almost impossible seeing as whatsapp has become a very popular instant messaging application which has newly embedded and exciting features.


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