Andela teams up with udacity and google to bring free android app development

Andela teams up with udacity and google to bring free android app development

You have heard about Andela, YES. Have you been seeking a free android app development program? YES. DO you lack the basic programming knowledge to start or are you already an android application developer but seeking to expand on your knowledge? The opportunity has finally come and even on a platter of gold as Andela (the top technology hub in Lagos, Nigeria) in partnership with Udacity and Google have brought a solution to help the aspiring minds actualize skill acquisition goals in this first half of the year.

These 3 giants collaborated and the result of that is the Android Learning Community (ALC) program which is majorly for Nigerian participants. The intending participants should have a passion for technology and particularly application development of course and should also be sure they are willing to commit 10+ hours per week for the duration of two (2) months.

free android app development


This program will run on two independent tracks. The first One(1) being for beginners with little or no prior programming experience and the second one(2) which will be for intermediate learners who have at least 1-2 years prior Android development experience. Free android app development programs are hard to find, so make sure this opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

More information on the duration of the program, time frame and how to register can be found here or use this registration link:


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